Garden Clinic with Erin & Mike March 4



Spring & Summer Classes

 Every other Thursday, 6:00-7:30pm

APRIL 20: 12 Months of Blooms! $5 Learn how to create a perennial garden that gives your 12 months of color and interest! Find out what plants bloom when, which to use for flowers or for foliage and how to shop for them. There is plenty of time for questions and to delve into what plants will work best in your situation.

 MAY 4: Edible Landscapes $40 Take home a pot of edibles in this informative hands-on workshop. Discover how you can incorporate edible & medicinal plants into different elements of your garden. Hardy edibles such as rhubarb, asparagus, blueberries, raspberries and echinacea are often overlooked as design elements, but they can add beauty and drama to a garden along with delicious produce! Mike & Erin grow much of their own produce. Find out how to make edible gardening fun & fruitful! Fee includes a 12” container of edibles

MAY 18: Summer Annual Container $40 Make a gorgeous container that will last until fall! Erin & Mike will show you who to select plants to create a continuous bloom. They will show you how to arrange using flowers, foliage and habit for maximum effect. Also learn about using tropicals in containers; how to care for them throughout summer and how to successfully bring them indoors in fall. Fee includes a 12” completed summer container

JUNE 1: Summer Garden Clinic $5 Our Spring Garden Clinic was so successful we decided to have a clinic for Summer. Learn about mulching, summer maintenance, fertilizing, pests, diseases and more. This class is jammed packed full of information. Bring all your questions. Notepads are a must! 

  JUNE 15: Composting $5 Composting is nature’s way of recycling. Learn the science behind different composting techniques; what they are, what materials you can compost and what’s best for your home garden. Find out how easy it really is to recycle – you’ll be surprised at what’s possible! This is one of Erin’s favorite topics so come along, have fun and learn how you can start your own compost! 

 About Your Teachers!

 ERIN KOBERLE is a Garden Designer, Educator & owner of Sun & Shade Personal Gardening. Erin has been gardening for over 15 years and has created gardens in all climates from the colds of Canada to tropical Bahamas.

 MIKE AZZOLINI has over 20 years of retail nursery experience. Mike specializes in growing unusual tropical plants and creates beautiful gardens wherever he is. His home garden has been open to the public and featured in magazines. 

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